Storage Solutions

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Tegan Foley  |  Feb 14, 2022  |  0 comments
Dutch timber and building goods retailer Brentjens has significantly expanded the storage capacities of its Haelen collection centre with cantilever racks from Ohra totalling a length of 186m
Tegan Foley  |  Aug 31, 2021  |  0 comments
The French building materials trader Bois Du Poitou has modernised its existing warehouse for timbers and panels at its headquarters in Soudan: instead of storing the wooden goods on the floor as before, they are now directly accessible in two double-sided as well as two single-sided cantilever racks from OHRA
Tegan Foley  |  Apr 05, 2021  |  0 comments
A new mobile racking system from OHRA enables J. Stocker Fensterbau AG to significantly expand its storage capacities for squared timber with only a very small additional space requirement