Window Production

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Tegan Foley  |  Aug 02, 2023  |  0 comments

Building on the success of the Alfa NC milling and slotting machines for doors and frames and 100 UK sales to date, Centauro has recently launched its Alfa Jamb automatic through feed machine. Dedicated to the machining of door frames, it’s available exclusively in the UK and Ireland through JJ Smith

Tegan Foley  |  Jun 26, 2023  |  0 comments
According to Coastal Group, the new SV7 Glazing Gasket combines exceptional performance – even in the harshest environmental conditions – with a cleaner, more slimline aesthetic
Tegan Foley  |  Apr 03, 2023  |  0 comments

In busy workshops and building sites, it’s seemingly impossible to keep your weatherseal free of dust and dirt, resulting in time-consuming cleaning following the joinery process and installation. Having listened to feedback from valued customers, Coastal Group claims its latest innovation keeps weatherseal looking as good-as-new throughout the entire process

Tegan Foley  |  Mar 06, 2023  |  0 comments

With over 100 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of sliding and folding door hardware systems, P C Henderson has demonstrable experience in the woodworking sector.

Tegan Foley  |  Sep 23, 2022  |  0 comments

Incorporating smart technology into homes is becoming increasingly sought after by the end user, starting at the front entrance door. Coastal’s BLU-e smart access system makes your doors smart without the worry of difficult and time-consuming configuration and installation

Tegan Foley  |  Mar 28, 2022  |  0 comments
With the new Document F of the Building Regulations due to come into effect on 15 June 2022, window manufacturers need to consider the design of their windows. The government announced changes to the building regulations to not only help the UK achieve net zero, but to also improve ventilation. These changes affect both windows for new-builds and replacements for existing dwellings
Tegan Foley  |  Jul 01, 2021  |  0 comments

"As Henry Ford’s famous quote goes: 'If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.' Here at Coastal, we believe in pushing the boundaries of door and window hardware, thinking beyond products and today’s needs, and our latest BLU Book of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Door and Window Hardware certainly exemplifies that,” comments Coastal’s Marketing Manager, Neil Jones.

Tegan Foley  |  Mar 17, 2021  |  0 comments

Gowercroft Joinery recently appointed Gary Chatwood as their new Technical Manager