Two plus two makes three times the storage capacity

The French building materials trader Bois Du Poitou has modernised its existing warehouse for timbers and panels at its headquarters in Soudan: instead of storing the wooden goods on the floor as before, they are now directly accessible in two double-sided as well as two single-sided cantilever racks from OHRA. Bois Du Poitou can thus make much better use of the existing building, significantly reduce access times to goods and triple the storage capacity.

Too little capacity, too much effort
Bois Du Poitou has built its own warehouse for the storage of squared timber, cladding, panels, and other wooden products. But despite a size of 1,500 square metres, the storage capacity was no longer sufficient due to the floor storage. In addition, the handling of the stored wood was labour-intensive and cost a lot of time. At the same time, the goods were repeatedly damaged in the process.

Expansion into the third dimension
Therefore, the company decided to say goodbye to the concept of floor storage and to store the goods in cantilever racks. For this purpose, OHRA erected two rows of double-sided racking, each about 40 metres long and seven metres high. Its 1,200mm long cantilever arms, each with a load capacity of 800kgs form seven storage levels and thus effectively expand the storage space into the third dimension. Two single-sided cantilever racks with four storage levels along the walls of the building complement the free-standing racking rows.

A new kind of storage
Racking has not only allowed Bois Du Poitou to triple its indoor storage capacity, but also significantly improve inventory visibility. The fact that the goods can now be removed directly with the sideloader and that there is no longer any need for repositioning has minimised damage to the goods. The times required for storage and retrieval have also been significantly reduced - so the overall efficiency in the warehouse processes has been improved and customers can be served more quickly. "OHRA's cantilever racking means a new way of storage for us - with higher quantity and better quality," says Valentin Ouvrard from Bois Du Poitou.

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