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Salvapush_2000 – innovative, automatic optimising cross-cutting saw

Salvamac Group is the result of over 20 years’ experience, which company founders Christian Salvador and Ziemowit Dolkowski continue to build on. An unrivalled passion, deep understanding of the industry, and a close eye on competitors and market trends, has resulted in the forging of strong networks, not to mention Salvamac’s role as an ideal partner for those in the woodworking sector. “I’ve always considered change as a fundamental evolutionary moment,” says Salvamac Co-founder, Christian Salvador, “and even when a moment seems negative, it’s actually a great opportunity for growth. We may be living in difficult times, but we’re convinced that the spirit of sacrifice, combined with ethics and human relationships, may be the only solution. With this corporate and personal philosophy, innovation finds continuous space for new ideas, products and production systems. Innovate, innovate, innovate!” Salvamac’s other Co-founder, Ziemowit Dolkowski, comments: “We’ve seen over 50% growth in recent months – a success we really didn’t anticipate. This success, however, has not only involved traditional and already established products, but the entire production range, which, in turn, has led to the creation of something even greater still: Salvamac Group.”



Salvamac SalvaPush_2000 – a wood cutting system designed for Industry 4.0

Flexible & cutting-edge technical solutions
Salvamac strongly believes in the future, true values and continuous progress. The leading product in Salvamac’s optimising saw portfolio is the SalvaPush_2000 automatic cross-cutting saw. Featuring a brand-new software package which can easily be operated by any user, it works just like a smartphone, with website graphics and all the practicality for setting data on a large touch screen, in digital communication with all electronic components. Not only that, but the recent developments in barcode data import and the relative ‘just in time’ management systems – from an order being placed to the finished product being sent out – make it a unique market solution for production processes, even those in single batches. Flexible and cutting-edge technical solutions make it possible to communicate both upstream and downstream with company software management, thus creating fundamental principles of industry 4.0. The new and exclusive mechanical solutions also exist for both the cutting and pusher systems, solutions which are demonstrating their potential and flexibility once installed at a customer’s premises. The fact that these machines are now also being used in the sofa and special pallets sectors helps to fully confirm these recent developments. Continuous research and development is not only carried out on optimising saws, but also the more traditional machinery, delivering solutions with a great innovative impact. Evolution of their upcut saws has allowed Salvamac to now also offer an optional automatic retracting front protection guard. The innovative new system was created to facilitate handling of the pieces before and after cutting, without having to manage the workpiece on the infeed and outfeed table. The front protection seen on the Classic series of cross-cutting saws can be adjusted and either positioned up or down, during loading and unloading operations, providing maximum assistance for the operator as well as maximum safety.



Salvamac innovations
Among the original innovations developed by Salvamac is the Salvastop measuring stop device – a system that electronically manages the stopping and positioning of boards or profiles to be cut, regardless of material, while delivering high speed and absolute precision, thanks to a state-of-the-art brushless electronic motor. Furthermore, the echanical system has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance, yet still ensures a high degree of robustness and precision. A new innovation on the aluminium beam allows the Salvastop to be increased by up to 7,000mm in length and 6,400mm of stroke. Another of Salvamac’s innovative technological concepts is a new anodised reinforced aluminium beam – 100 × 100mm in section – featuring increased thickness of the profile edge. Owing to the solution’s increased dimensions, the pusher carriage can now reach a speed of up to 60m/m. The transmission system has a 32mm wide toothed belt, with high precision internal steel cables, ensuring a wide capacity and very high positioning tolerance. Robust and independent, highly reliable and precise, the machined steel heads are designed to last. Ziemowit Dolkowski continues: “We’ve worked hard to ensure this exclusive software is very user-friendly and intuitive, with complete, powerful and flexible graphics. It includes five different sections and two modes. ‘STOP’ or ‘PUSH’. Featuring a perfectly positioned S-PAD touch screen, this allows for easy reading and programming, and Internet tele-service software is also included and installed.



Salvastop_100 – the electronic stop for pushing, stopping and positioning profiles to be cut

A compact Servo Drive electronic motor guarantees simplicity, reliability, durability and efficiency. With this innovative technology at their disposal, an operator can manage closed loop positioning and check the position at any time, even when the machine is working at full capacity. The 11Nm motor, mounted in the pull position, benefits from integration of its electrical and electronic inputs, which are housed within the engine itself. Similarly, ergonomically positioned emergency and start buttons are positioned with the operator in mind. These innovations are new to the market, as Christian Salvador explains: “Drawing on the strength of our network, we propose to introduce new products for the solid wood industry, every month. These will be high quality machines, as we’ve always produced, but priced to ensure that more companies than ever will be able to choose the technological path. The strategy is clear: to optimise the process and use every possible ‘country advantage’ to produce the highest quality machines, which are priced affordably for the customer. Companies choosing the ‘Salvamac’ brand can select from a range of options, all of which are simple to use, helping to cut costs and increase profits. This true network creation provides our customers, and the wood industry as a whole, with the added value they’ve previously missed. We’re ready for the next challenge,” he concludes.

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