Two Norfolk-inspired designs awarded Bespoke Guild Mark by Furniture Makers’ Company

London-based designer-maker, Elliott Butterwick

The Bespoke Guild Mark is awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company – the City of London livery company and charity for the furnishing industry.

The prize recognises excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function for exquisite pieces of furniture and fitted furniture made as single items or a limited run. It’s awarded to beautifully crafted pieces of bespoke furniture and, since its launch in 1958, has been the apex of distinctions for UK designer-makers.


‘Flooded Fens’ console table – awarded the 491st Bespoke Guild Mark

‘Flooded Fens’ console table

The ‘Flooded Fens’ console table tells the story of bog oak – a beautiful and ancient timber – which is found in the East Anglian Fens. Buried underground for 5,000 years, these sub-fossilised trees turned from oak brown to a stunning black and it's one of the UK’s most exquisite and highly cherished timbers.

For the top of the console table, Elliott created a flooded pattern from marshland grass, from which a silicone mould was taken. An outer layer of liquid bronze resin was then cast, along with a carbon fibre core to add rigidity. The bog oak legs were carved into gentle flute patterns, which were then sand-blasted to give a rough, organic contrast to the smooth outside.


‘Marshlands’ drinks cabinet – awarded the 492nd Bespoke Guild Mark

‘Marshlands’ drinks cabinet

A development of the ‘Flooded Fens’ console table, the ‘Marshlands’ drinks cabinet explores the relationship between North Norfolk's tidal swell and its salt marshes. The curved, wave-like doors incorporate a similar marshland grass texture, in stark contrast to the luxurious sycamore interior and polished bespoke brass handles.

Commitment to excellence

Elliott designed both pieces in 2021 and submitted applications for the Bespoke Guild Mark in 2023. Commenting on the awards, he said: “I’m truly honoured to receive not just one, but two Bespoke Guild Mark awards.

This reflects the dedication that went into crafting each piece and I'm grateful to The Furniture Makers’ Company for acknowledging this commitment to excellence. This achievement fuels my determination to continue pushing boundaries in bespoke design.”

Daniel Hopwood, Bespoke Guild Mark chairman, commented: “I had the pleasure of meeting Elliott to inspect his ‘Marshlands’ cabinet. There was no doubt that his work is of the standard we expect, both in its elegantly modern design and exquisite execution. Elliott’s console table pushes the barriers of furniture design, using modern materials to achieve a playful, organic silhouette. I look forward to seeing what other pieces this talented, young designer can produce.”

These pieces are the 491st and 492nd pieces to be awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark in the prize’s eminent history. For more information on the Bespoke Guild Mark, see

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