Trotec brings laser expertise to a town near you

Market-leading manufacturer of laser technology, Trotec Laser, is once again hitting the road and bringing their laser roadshows to a town near you. An appointment at a Trotec roadshow is often the first step to seeing what businesses could achieve with high-end production tools.

Trotec experts will be in Aberdeen and Hemel Hempstead during September, followed by Belfast in October and Chelmsford in November, ready to offer companies a complete overview of everything needed to be successful with laser processing.

If your business is serious about scaling up production, improving product quality or time utilisation, Trotec laser experts are ready to show you what’s possible.

The roadshow experience

Due to the fact that investing in the right technology is often a make-or-break decision for businesses in crucial areas like productivity, Trotec laser experts tailor the 90-minute roadshow appointment to visitors’ specific needs.

Like Trotec showrooms, the roadshow features a range of different laser machines suitable for various applications, from entry-level cutters to dual-source CO2 and fibre machines for laser engraving mixed materials, as well as the flagship Speedy 400 laser engraver for larger material sizes.

Visitors are encouraged to not only bring their own materials, but also their own files, as this allows real-time and quality examples to be provided, offering accurate information for the decision-making process. If you’re serious about helping your business reach new heights, a roadshow appointment is the first step on that journey.

Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. To reserve your place, call 0191 580 1182, email [email protected], or visit

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