SALVAMAC SALVAPUSH_2000: A wood cutting system for Industry 4.0

SalvaPush_2000 cross-cutting optimising saw

The woodworking processing industry’s evolution to a fully digital environment has seen technology improve in leaps and bounds.

Looking back at 2022 and the overall outcome, Salvamac Group’s Christian Salvador and Ziemowit Dolkowski comment on this being “a positive season, which we expect to extend to the first part of 2023 at least.”

In terms of the results achieved, the Salavmac duo describe “12 intense months of great work and consolidation,” made possible due to the experience and energy of people who’ve been working in this sector for decades.


Equipped with the SALVA-OPTIM operational electronic management system, a large touch-screen display facilitates ease of use

SalvaPush_2000 pusher optimising saw

Among the elements that contributed towards Salvamac having achieved an excellent 2022 is the positive feedback received from the various international markets that have invested in machines designed and built by the Italian-Polish company.

Within the window and doors sector, sales data reveals an increase in purchases of the ‘SalvaPush_2000’ – a pusher optimising saw which, thanks to the evolution in software and ease of industry 4.0 interconnection, proves to be a winning solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.

SalvaPush_2000 automatic optimising saw

Launched in early 2019 by Salvamac’s Cross-Cutting Division and the result of 20 years’ industry experience, focusing on the cutting and optimisation of wood, SalvaPush_2000 is the group’s flagship cross-cutting optimising saw. This model is greatly suited to cutting single pieces of wood and benefits from having a length optimisation facility, as well as the ability to process boards using a prefixed cutting cycle.

It can be applied for use in a range of solid wood market segments, such as windows and doors; furniture; beams and houses; flooring; sofas; glue panels and lamellar wood; pallets; garden furniture; and children’s toys, among others.

The SalvaPush_2000 can be easily integrated with other machinery and data systems within a factory as it can receive cutting lists sent directly from the office, and connect to multi-blade machines or moulders via automatic loading and unloading systems. The instant graphics and large touch-screen, complemented by digital communication among all electric components, allows for fast and easy data entry.


Installation of Salvamac SalvaPush_2000 for window production

Towards Industry 4.0

Besides easy integration with the company’s management, the recent developments in barcode data importing and related ‘just-in-time' management systems – from development of a customer’s order to the finished product – make it a unique solution for single-batch production processes.

An operator can easily manage a single piece by loading individual components having read the relative barcode, then leaving the management aspect to a ‘supervisor’ – additional software that co-ordinates the entire data process. In fact, flexible and advanced technological solutions allow communication both upstream and downstream with the company software.

SalvaPush_2000 is supplied with a brand-new software version, which can be easily and completely used and managed by anyone, like a Smartphone, with website graphics and all the convenience of data setting as found on a large touch-screen, and all electronic components connected in digital communication.

Moreover, there’s new and exclusive mechanical solutions for both the cutting and pusher systems, which become part of the machine communication system’s complete digital management, not only within their electronic components, but, above all, towards external IT systems.

The application of SalvaPush_2000 in the construction component and special pallet sectors fully confirms these recent developments. The new, exclusive mechanical solutions are also present in both the cutting and pushing systems.


Installation of Salvamac SalvaPush_2000 for joinery

Looking forward

In more general terms, 2022 saw a greater predisposition among operators towards Salvamac’s more advanced solutions, automatic or semi-automatic, capable of integration with management systems, which make daily work easier thanks to label printing or barcode reading systems.

However, it was also an important year in terms of new products, with the ‘Salvacut 5000’ being launched in October – a new high-speed feed-through optimising saw with electronic cutting that guarantees productivity up to 3,500 linear metres of profiles per hour; a concentration of electronics and innovation that reaffirms the ease of use of all Salvamac solutions, even when it comes to record-breaking performances.

Salvamac has further strengthened its share in all countries in which it operates, with a positive peak in northern Europe, particularly in the UK, Spain and Italy – the latter thanks to guaranteed support for companies owing to measures put in place by national government, which have strongly influenced investment choices.


Installation of Salvamac SalvaPush_2000 for pallet production

Looking at the year ahead, May specifically when the WoodWe project will be officially presented, Salvamac intends to use this opportunity to renew its desire to answer the needs of operators through a network of companies along with a range of products, all of which offer a tangible, real solution.

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