New Homag woodWOP software makes wood processing effortless

With the release of the latest generation of woodWOP in the final quarter of 2021, Homag has dramatically improved the functionality of its market-leading CNC programming software. This most recent edition is branded woodWOP 8.

Unparalleled success story
The woodWOP success story began with its launch in 1991 and its development now spans over 30 years. The success of the woodWOP software is unparalleled within the wood processing industry. Since its launch, more than 30,000 CNC machines have been equipped with woodWOP and 60,000 licenses have been sold to satisfied customers. At the heart of this easy-to-use software is the innovative large graphic area in which the workpiece is displayed in three dimensions. Trimming and drilling or saw cuts are programmed quickly and easily by entering the machining parameters and are displayed realistically in the graphic.

Significant development leap made in collaboration with professional carpenters
Homag has always excelled at involving its customers in the improvement of its products. This collaboration has been continued with the further enhancements of the woodWOP software. Homag’s product development team worked closely with professional carpenters to evaluate the developmental requirements of the software to produce the superior product woodWOP 8. The newly developed software now provides woodworkers with practical wizards for easier processing. This has made working with the woodWOP software even more convenient, user-friendly and ultimately faster than working with its predecessor.


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Key innovations of woodWOP 8 at a glance

Contour wizard provides improved support for beginners
A new workpieces can be programmed more conveniently. For example, template files will be stored for circles, L-shapes or other curved components. This has a significant advantage in terms of time savings and it reduces novice operator problems.

Feature recognition for the automatic attribute identification
With the feature recognition technology holes, grooves and slots are directly recognised in a 3-D workpiece model. The appropriate machining macro is generated for automatic subsequent machining. This represents a significant acceleration in the conversion from CAD import to the machining program. The optimal use of existing data is also ensured.

Formula view and additional help graphics to simplify operation
With the woodWOP 8 programming process is faster and easier than before, with incorrect operation minimised. The software’s variable table has also been extended and upgraded to deliver new operational possibilities. Minimum and maximum values can be defined, selection lists can be created and help graphics can be stored for illustration. New properties such as ‘Hide’ (hide line) and ‘Boolean’ (input via checkbox) along with two views – the list view and form view – make programming clearer.

Gluing wizard for efficient edgebanding
The gluing wizard is integrated directly into woodWOP 8. With this wizard, all work steps for edgebanding are generated automatically after defining the contours and corners. The revised technology database provides support for situation-dependent inputs, C-angles and heating power. The import of edge images from external CAD systems is also possible with the new wizard. So an even faster creation of programs with edge glueing is ensured.

Formula wizard for the easy creation of complex formulas
The new formula wizard makes creating formulas extremely easy. The user has everything in view in the multi-line formula field. Building blocks such as mathematical functions, variables and conditions are at the user's fingertips for assembling his formulas. The formula components are highlighted in colour. This means that even complex formulas are clearly displayed. In addition to the formula result, partial results can also be calculated. These useful features support the simple creation of extensive and variable programs.

Mass changes to macros for quick and easy adjustments
With the transfer of parameter values, mass changes to macros can be made quickly and easily in just four steps, as outlined below:

1. Make changes in a macro

2. Transfer one or all parameters to the parameter clipboard

3. Select all other macros to be changed

4. Insert the parameter value(s).

Significant improvements & added value
Commenting on the new software, Simon Brooks, Homag UK’s Managing Director, said: “The development of the woodWOP software has been incredibly well thought out. The new and updated functions of the software make wood processing operations safer, easier and quicker. “The latest version brings great added value and, like all previous editions of woodWOP, is intuitive to use. A notable increase in functionality, along with time-saving operation characterise the new woodWOP 8 software.”

For more information on the new and updated features of woodWop 8, visit the news section of the Homag UK website – – to watch the woodWOP 8 presentation video and download the product brochure.

Alternatively, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856 424 for more information or a demonstration of any of Homag's machinery or software.

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