Martin T27 spindle moulder – efficient, flexible, accurate & reliable

Martin T27 spindle moulder

Efficiency, flexibility, accuracy and reliability – these are all attributes that can be found on the Martin T27 spindle moulder. A modern touch-screen user interface allows the machine to be operated comfortably, quickly and easily despite its diverse capabilities.

Reduced set-up times; increased accuracy “Set-ups are no longer a matter of trial and error – even the first workpiece produced is perfect,” says Michael Mühldorfer, Marketing Manager at Martin. “In their daily business, our customers face the challenge of accomplishing tasks faster yet with better results. The solution lies in user-friendly controller technology that exploits the unique mechanical possibilities of our machines in the best possible way.”


User-friendly control interface

A focus on intuitive & reliable operations
Martin’s user-friendly control interface provides much more efficiency, however, as it allows set-up times to be reduced by more than 80%. Each set-up process presents the user with the challenge of moving an existing tool on the machine as quickly as possible into the position required for the next phase. This may still seem comparatively easy when the spindle is positioned vertically, but setting up a tilted spindle can be a major challenge for the operator – not so on the Martin T27. The T27 controller allows for input and storage of up to 1,000 tools, and for each one, three arbitrarily selectable reference points can be defined. Regardless of cutting height and depth, the cutting angle is always displayed accurately in relation to the position of the table and fence. You simply input height, depth and angle and that’s it – the user can then step away and leave everything to the controller. Once the optimum tool position has been found, the setting can be stored. These settings can then be repeated with maximum accuracy as often as required. The strength of the T27 lies not only in its ability to quickly and easily save settings for later repetition – you can also set up operations for one-time use. In addition to the cutting height, depth and angle, the infeed jaw of the fence, table opening and height setting of the feed support, can be adjusted via the controller depending on how the Martin T27 is equipped.


Table rings

A Martin patent – electrically adjustable table rings
Electrically adjustable eccentric table rings, which can be variably adapted to tools with diameters of 70-250mm, also substantially contribute to reduced set-up times. Minimising the gap between table and tool is often a tricky set-up process, but not on a Martin machine. The company regularly receives positive feedback from customers on how these table rings aid simple and easy machine set-up. Now, time-consuming replacement and adjustment of the standard ‘drop-in’ table rings is a thing of the past. These electrically adjustable table rings help to maximise the contact surface, even for small workpieces.


Moulding fence

A moulding fence for maximum precision
In contrast to the obvious performance advantages of the controller, the mechanical advantages of the fence design remain hidden, but the benefit this option provides is no less important. The fence’s bilateral guides allow an unprecedented level of repeatable accuracy of ± 0.025mm. The fence can be removed from the machine table in seconds – for curved moulding operations, for example – and there’s no need for time-consuming referencing during dismantling. A sturdy mechanical fit ensure this, and thanks to this high repeatable accuracy, which also applies to the moulding height and moulding angle (± 0.005°), operations such as the cutting of counter profiles can be performed easily and with maximum accuracy.

Versatility for workshops & industry
The target group for the T27 is companies that focus on individual, flexible and versatile manufacturing. This can be a three- to five-man workshop where the machine carries out all moulding operations, or for large furniture manufacturers that use their spindle moulders as an efficient and flexible supplement to the processing centre. “Thanks to the consistently user-friendly, modern control system, a multitude of mechanical options can be exceptionally beneficial for companies using this machine. Moreover, the T27 can be fine-tuned to suit specific and individual requirements, which makes it the perfect spindle moulding solution for companies where efficiency, versatility, accuracy and reliability are crucial,” concludes Michael Mühldorfer.

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