Liberon announces brand investment: interview with Richard Bradley, Liberon’s Head of Marketing

With woodcare in its DNA, Liberon is known for excellence in products such as dyes, waxes, oils and varnishes

Q: What is this news we’re hearing about brand investment by Liberon?
Yes, it’s a very exciting time for us. We’ve made a number of changes that our customers are going to benefit from.

Q: So, what are these changes?
This involves investment in four key areas: we’ve introduced a new brand image; refreshed our packaging; developed a new-look website; and finally, introduced new products for exterior use.

Q: The Liberon name and logo are very well-known among professional woodworkers. It was always quite a traditional-looking logo, so why has it been changed?
Yes, we’re very fortunate to have such a faithful following among the woodworking community. People seem to love the brand as they know it can help them achieve high-quality results, and they’re very passionate about only using the best woodcare products to really show off their skills. We wanted to revitalise our woodcare offering and bring the company’s image firmly into the 21st century. The new logo helps us to achieve that.

Q: What do you think end-user customers will think?
Well, obviously it’s very important to us that we don’t lose any of the trade appeal we’ve garnered over the years, and it’s important to note that this new look doesn’t mean altered products. Everyone will be very happy to know their formulae are exactly the same! We did a lot of research, and discovered that the profile of end-user customers is changing. Professionals are still looking for the products they know and trust; however, the number of serious DIYers wanting the best quality products is increasing. So, we feel that part of what we’ve done, therefore, is to secure our traditional market, but also broaden the brand’s appeal to potential new users.


Q: And what’s the low-down on the new packaging?
In addition to a more modern look that’s brighter and cleaner, we’ve made finding the products much easier, because each product area is now colour-coded. It also helps stockists to arrange their displays in a more organised fashion. When you can see that all waxes, for example, are in yellow packaging as opposed to dyes that are in maroon, you can find what you need quickly and not get confused. With so many products available, that’s got to be a big help!

Q: What’s new on the Liberon website?
It’s so much easier to navigate and the whole look is cleaner – less ‘cluttered’, I think I’d say. People need to be able to get the information they need quickly and we think we’ve helped them to do that. In addition, we now have ‘The Hub’, which features inspirational tips and advice as well as how-to videos.

Q: What sort of how-to topics can website visitors expect to see?
We’ve covered things like applying floor sealer, wax or floor varnish, how to clean and oil a timber deck, oiling a wooden table, waxing wooden furniture and preparing wood before starting work on it. Video tutorials are a great way for people to see and learn some new tips if they need them.

Q: So that’s the company’s image – what can you tell us about product investment?
I’m really pleased to be able to say that we’ve expanded our range of formulations for outdoor application. So now, in addition to our flagship decking oil, we’re now offering ‘Superior Protection Woodstain’ and ‘Superior Decking Stain’. Excitingly, both have genuine benefits that differentiate them from other available products.

Q: Why did you decide that this part of the Liberon product offering was ripe for investment?
Our research revealed that the outdoor woodcare market was a good area in which to invest. We decided to help drive it forwards, and knew that it was important for us to offer a comprehensive woodcare range.


Q: What makes the new decking stain stand out from others on the market?
A few things, really. Here’s my list! It’s water-repellent, protects against damage from sunlight, looks fantastic and has a special formula including plant-based resins, which reduces environmental impact while still maintaining superior performance. Its protection against moisture and sunlight is long-lasting and also has anti-slip properties. It’s easy to apply thanks in part to an excellent spreading rate compared to other options. It’s quick-drying and produces a natural, semi-transparent finish. I think that’s everything!

Q: And what about the woodstain? Same question.
This is brilliant because you only need two coats of it, unlike most other woodstains. That means you can get the job done easily in one day. The first coat is dry after just three hours and ready for the second application. It’s got an eight-year guarantee for outstanding protection and ideal for things like outdoor cladding, window frames or doors.
   It produces a satin finish and is smooth and simple to apply. It’s also water-repellent – which of course you’d expect – but nevertheless is microporous once dry, which allows wood to breathe.

For more information on Liberon and the entire product range, visit the new-look website:

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