Hot-melt glue switching on Homag edgebanders made easier than ever

Simple removal of the EVA interchangeable container from the melting unit

Homag has developed an interchangeable hot-melt glue feature on select edgebanding machines. The new system enables the rapid change of glue types, eliminating time-consuming cleaning issues. EVA and PUR hot-melt glues can now be conveniently dispensed separately using the same universal application melting unit.

Fast, clean change between EVA & PUR hot-melt glues
The new glue feature permits two types or glue colours to be changed over in a matter of minutes. The unit features two interchangeable containers – suitable for PUR cartridges or EVA granulate – which enable the glues to be conveniently switched. A programmable glue application and gravity feed system ensure that the unit delivers just the right amount of glue for each application. There’s no mixing and cross-contamination of glues or time-consuming cleaning required on the unit.

Quick & easy maintenance
Ergonomically designed handles allow the containers to be removed from or inserted into the melting unit quickly and easily. The application unit can either be replaced without cleaning or simply emptied and refilled in the machine. A self-purge function, which maintains the integrity and efficiency of the glue system, is also incorporated.


The specially designed interchangeable containers allow quick and unmixed switching between EVA and PUR hot-melt adhesive in edgebanding machines

Three available options
Due to their resistance to humidity and heat, Polyurethane – PUR – hot-melt adhesives are ideal for edgebanding furniture to be used in humid rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and laboratories. EVA – ethyl vinyl acetate – a copolymer adhesive is, however, the carpenter’s preferred lower-cost choice of adhesive for other applications where these humidity resistance properties aren’t necessary.

To cater for all edgebanding applications and manufacturing requirements, Homag has created three versions of the glue processing unit: one for processing both EVA and PUR alternately – new; one for exclusively processing EVA – new; or – as before – one for exclusively processing PUR. These options are available on Homag’s customisable Edgeteq S-240/S-300 and S-380 profiLine series of edgebanding machines.

See the new unit in action
Homag’s edgebanding hot-melt glue switch equipment can be viewed in operation on the company’s YouTube channel. Simply search for ‘glue change’ and watch the video entitled: ‘Quick change between glue types and glue colours with edgebanding machine Edgeteq S-380’.

For further information, see the Homag website or contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856 424.

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