AXYZ special router offer: unlock the power of precision with AXYZ Routers

Leading global manufacturer of CNC router machines and knife systems, AXYZ, announces its customer cost cutting offer of 20% off the purchase of virtually all AXYZ CNC routers, until April 19, 2023.

AXYZ is dedicated to providing its customers with versatile and precise cutting systems, and this offer will allow more businesses to access AXYZ's top-quality routers.

The Trident – ready for any job

The Trident is a standard 3-device configuration consisting of a spindle, tangential knife and oscillating knife. This setup provides the right cutting tools to process virtually any material with precision and speed, making it perfect for any business looking for high-performance cutting systems.

PANELBuilder – the global leader in cladding production

The PANELBuilder technology is perfect for processing all the most popular cladding materials, including Aluminium, ACM, MCM, HPL and Fiber Cement. This system has proven to be a global leader in cladding production, thanks to its top-quality cutting tools and precision.


Infinite – innovative features maximise productivity

Designed on a modular platform, the Infinite can be configured to cut materials of all sizes, from insulation foam to cast plate aluminium. The choice of cutting head including knives, spindles or drills opens the machine up to many applications.

Get in touch

For businesses looking to take advantage of this offer and get their hands on the Trident, Infinite or PANELBuilder router, contact AXYZ Sales by completing the online contact form, call 01952 291 600 or email [email protected]. For more details on the promotion, click here.

To browse a variety of router options, parts and accessories, visit AXYZ is excited to help more businesses unlock the power of precision and take their production capabilities to the next level with AXYZ Routers.

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